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Salkyn-Tor national park KG

Salkyn-Tor National Park is located on the forested northern slope of the Naryn Too mountain range about 18 km east of the town of Naryn. The park was established in May 2001 and has an area of 104 km². It can be reached easily by the road up the Naryn River. The entrance fee to the park costs $ 1 per person.
One of the objectives of the park is to increase the local population of Maral, which has declined sharply since independence. Other animals inhabit the forests of the Naryn Range include roe deer, Eurasian lynx, and brown bear.
The lower part of the park is dominated by dense stands of Schrenk spruce mixed with Tian Shan rowan. It is interesting to observe species of wild rose, willow and barberry.

Arslanbob waterfall KG

A large waterfall is located north of the village. The waterfall is like a long tongue coming out of a crevice in the rock. This narrow stream of water rushes from a sheer cliff 80 meters high with a breathtaking roar - it truly is an impressive sight!

It is not that easy to access the waterfall, there are rather slippery embankments around the waterfall. The waterfall falls into a hollow. It's hard to see the whole waterfall.

But it is possible to access from the bottom and enter the rift and see yet another waterfall.

Bhaktapur NP

The city of Bhaktapur 7km east of Katmandu is a quieter city than Katmandu, and its attractions as interesting as the Nepalese capital. Bhaktapur was once the capital of a kingdom that split into three. The city is the subject of a day visit by most tourists, and if you spend a night there, you will quickly realize the privilege of being almost on your own in this city that has so much to do for you. discover. Here you can spend weeks visiting every neighborhood and every temple. Local life is more authentic and you will be delighted to see a local festival, including the famous Nepalese New Year, the Bisket Jatra, which takes place around mid-April each year and lasts for a week.

Ak-Döbö KG

Ak-Döbö is a village in the Jeti-Oguz district of the Issyk-Kul region of Kyrgyzstan. It is part of the Ak-Döbö commune, which is made up of four villages located along an arm of the Jeti Oguz river delta, and along the eastern side of the Orgochor mountain. But its name certainly comes from the fact that it lies next to Orgochor mountain, as Ak-Döbö means "white hill". 

The population is around 1,500. The population lives mainly from farming and livestock rearing. To the north of the village, on the shores of Lake Issyk Kul, lies the small lake of Kökuikel, some 900 metres long. The lake and its shores are protected and form part of the Issyk Kul biosphere.

Aksu-Jabagly nature reserve KZ

The oldest nature reserve of Central Asia was established in 1926, of 85'700 ha in size and located on the west end of the Talas Alatau range in Tolebiysk and Tulkubass districts of South Kazakhstan province and Jualine district of Jambul province. Two paleontologic sections of the reserve: Aulie and Karabastau are located apart. Biodiversity of Aksu-Jabagly is rich : 1704 flora species, 51 mammal species, 266 bird species, 11 reptiles species, 3 amphibian species and 5 fish species.


Yamchun Fortress TJ

Yamchun fortress is one of the most interesting historical sites in the Wakhan Valley. Yamchun is 72 km away to the east of the district center Ishkashim. The fortress was built during th 3rd century BC during the Greek-Bactrian Empire, on the Great Silk Road, in order to control southern invaders coming from the Pakistan valley of Chitral. A triangular citadel overlooks the village of Yamchut above 360 meters. The citadel is at the top of another walled triangle of nearly 600 meters length and with a base of about 400 meters. At the base of the second wall, another wall of 400 meters mark the entrance of the fortress. On the wall, towers stand each 20-25 meters. 1km higher than the citadelle, near the Yamchun river, there is the Bibi Fatima hot springs.

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