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Driven by the passion of discovering Central Asia for more than 20 years, we have been pushing the boundaries of classic tourism on the Silk Road to offer our guests a unique and innovative experience. In direct partnership with mountain communities, we respect the values of ecotourism, which is the driving force for our pioneering and exceptional tours. Find out more here…

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From the beginning Nomad's Land has been making tailor-made travel its specialty because it's your vacation, it's all up to you! All of our vacations are 100% customizable to your dietary requirements, type of vehicles, level of authenticity and countless other factors that goes beyond imagination. Use the trip planner function on our website and give free rein to your travel dream to make your trip to Central Asia unforgettable. Our trip designers will work with you one on one building the tailor-made adventure of your dreams on the Silk Roads.

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While operating in all the countries of Central Asia and beyond, we have chosen to remain an agency on a human scale, because each traveler is unique in our eyes. Based in Bishkek, the green capital of Kyrgyzstan, Nomad’s Land has established a network of trusted partners throughout Central Asia which allows us to carry out your wildest travel plans along the Silk Roads. Discover its magical places.

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Culture in Uzbekistan

Uzbek culture boasts a wealth of richness, characterized not only by its museum-like cities but also by the diverse mix of peoples that have inhabited the region over thousands of years. Upon visiting the ancient cities of Khiva, Samarkand, and Bukhara, one finds themselves enveloped in a sense of wonder and historical depth. These cities, often referred to as museum-cities, have been meticulously restored to reflect their former glory, offering a window into the past.

The architecture in these cities displays a stunning array of intricate designs, with majestic minarets, blue-domed mosques, and expansive madrasahs that speak volumes of their historical and architectural significance. Each city offers a unique narrative, showcasing the various epochs of Uzbek history and the cultural amalgamation that has taken place over the centuries. In addition to the architectural marvels, the local culture is a tapestry woven from the many threads of the different peoples who have made this region their home. This cultural blend is evident in the traditional music, dance, and art, which continue to thrive in each city. 

The local bazaars, vibrant with colors and bustling with activity, offer an array of traditional crafts and culinary delights that are a testament to the region's rich cultural heritage. Furthermore, the tradition of hospitality in Uzbekistan is unparalleled. Visitors are often greeted with warmth and generosity, which adds to the immersive experience of exploring these historical gems. This hospitality, combined with the stunning sights and rich history, makes a visit to these museum-cities not just a trip into the past, but also a deeper understanding of the vibrant cultural mosaic that is Uzbekistan.


Boule de Neige Association

A Union for the enjoyment of winter sports and the development of young people.

In a harmonious blend of winter sports enthusiasm and social awareness, Nomad's Land is proud to collaborate with the Swiss Association "Boule de Neige." Born from the shared passion for mountain adventures in Central Asia, "Boule de Neige" has become a conduit for fostering lasting connections between Swiss mountain enthusiasts and communities in Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan, Pakistan and Afghanistan.

Samuel Maret, a key figure with deep roots in Kyrgyzstan, has been instrumental in cultivating these connections, linking Swiss schools, sports clubs, and winter sports aficionados with their counterparts in Central Asia. The focus on shared interests like snowboarding, skiing, and other winter activities has created a bridge between these communities.

At Nomad's Land, we recognize the importance of intertwining environmental responsibility with our love for exploration and adventure. To support this shared vision, we offer travelers the opportunity to not only compensate for the carbon footprint of their journey but also contribute to "Boule de Neige's" meaningful projects. A donation of 25 CHF can offset around 2 tons of CO2 (flight included) emitted during your travel, aligning your alpine adventures with a commitment to sustainability.

Embark on a journey with Nomad's Land, where every step taken in the pristine snow is a stride towards environmental conservation and community upliftment. Join hands with "Boule de Neige" and us as we carve the path for a winter wonderland that embraces both joyous recreation, children's happiness and conscientious stewardship.