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Almaty KZ

Almaty - one of the major cities of Kazakhstan, located in the southeast of the Republic of Kazakhstan, in the foothills of Zailiyskiy Alatau; the city's population is about 1.5 million inhabitants.Although Almaty is not anymore capital of the republic, the city is still the financial, economic and cultural center of Central Asia.

Picturesque mountains are the hallmark of Almaty. You can enjoy views of the cable car climbing to the highest point of the city of Kok-Tobe ("Blue Mountain"), located at an altitude of 1,130 meters above sea level. From this summit offers a magnificent view of the mountains and the city. It is especially beautiful at night when the city is illuminated with colored lights.

Two big rivers - the Big and Small Almaty flow down from the mountains and provide the city with fresh water reservoirs and fountains fill the coolness and freshness.

Almaty International Airport KZ

Almaty International Airport is the largest international airport in Kazakhstan operating flights to more than 55 cities.

The first airport of Almaty was built in 1923, near the central stadium. In 1932, a P-3 make a first landing on the aerodrom of Almaty. The actual airport was founded in 1935 and inaugurate with a regular flight from Moscow with a Polikarpov R-5 on 8th of July 1936.The central building of the old airport, built in 1936 was designed by architects B. Zavarzina and G. Elkina. In November 1977, the supersonic TU144 had its first passenger flight from Moscow to Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan). Up to 1990 it was the part of Kazakh Department of Civil Aviation. On April 26, 1991, the airport was re-organized into Alma-Ata Airport, and since 1993 it runs as an independent business unit.

It is located about 15 km northeast of the center of Almaty.

The airport handled around 5 mio passengers and 50'000 flights annualy, and desserves 40 airlines companies. IATA code ALA.

Altai MN

Altai is a small town of 16,000 inhabitants and the capital of the province of Gobi-Altai, also called Yesönbulag.

The city is located nearly 1000 km southwest of Ulan Bator, and 2180 meters above sea level, making it the highest city in Mongolia.

Altai Airport has a dirt runway that regularly serves Arvaikheer and Ulaanbaatar.

The central Altai Square is named after Janchiv, a Mongolian hero who died in the 1945 Liberation War during the Japanese invasion of the Janchkhuu Pass. There is also a statue of Janchiv Baatar walking towards a bright future with his rifle in hand. In addition, another unique monument in Janchiv Square is the statue of "Zulai Tsagaan Altai", Mongolian composer and poet, whose works can be heard at the Altai Ensemble Theater, which is the hallmark of the Musical and Dramatic Theater of Gobi-Altai, is a unique architectural building. But the main visit is the "Aimag Central Museum of Local Traditions" has a rich collection of exhibits on the history, traditions, people, customs, life and celebrities of Altai, as well as on the formations geological and minerals of the aimag.

Altyn Arashan hot water springs KG

One of the most beautiful places in Kyrgyzstan is the Altyn Arashan Gorge (Kyrgyz "source of gold".) Its scenic beauty, a gem of the mountain - Ala Kul and its hot springs, known for their beneficial properties, have Long captured the hearts of people who come here.The mountainous valley of the Arashan River is located 10 kilometers east of the city of Karakol.

The hot springs are located at an attitude of 2600 meters above sea level. They are known for their healing properties: radon and hydrogen sulfide. In the first source, a high concentration of radon in water has beneficial effects on the human body: accelerating the process of healing and resorption, in the nerve fibers of muscle and bone tissue, improves heart function. And hydrogen sulfide baths cure a variety of skin diseases, cardiovascular disorders, for the restoration and normalization of the nervous system, musculoskeletal system.

Altyn Arashan valley KG

Altyn Arashan

The gorge Altyn Arashan (with Kyrgyz language "golden source") - one of the most beautiful places of Kyrgyzstan. Its scenic beauty, a gem of the mountains is Ala Kehl, and hot springs, known for their beneficial properties, have long conquered the hearts of the people who come to these places. Arashan mountain valley of the river is 10 kilometers east of the town of Kara-Kol.

Hot springs are also at a height of 2,600 meters above sea level. They are known for their healing properties. The sources are divided into two: radon and hydrogen sulfide. The first source, a large concentration of radon in water has beneficial effects on the human body: accelerate the healing process and resorption, in the nerve fibers of muscle and bone tissue, improves heart function and normalized. There are also sources of hydrogen sulfide, according to its useful properties, they are not inferior to radon. Hydrogen sulfide baths are useful in a variety of skin diseases, cardiovascular disorders, for the restoration and normalization of the nervous system, musculoskeletal system.

Altyn Emel KZ

Altyn Emel National Park is the largest and most famous nature conservation area in Kazakhstan, where the famous Singing Barkhan, the majestic Sak kurgans and the picturesque mountains of Aktau and Katutau are located. The park covers 523053 hectares and is located in the valley of the Ili River, 300 km away from the city of Almaty. Altyn Emel lies in the desert and mountain zones, where 1,800 species of plants grow. Within the park there are 78 species of mammals and 260 species of birds. On the spacious plains and mountain slopes gazelles, kulans and argali feel great. Apart from that, the park staff is doing a lot of work to weigh the endangered species like the Przhevalsky horse. Also in the national park there are radon sources.

Animal market KG

About The Animal Market
Early on Sunday mornings one of Kyrgyzstan’s biggest animal markets takes place around 2km north of central Karakol. Typical of such markets, you’ll observe scenes at once sad and comical, with locals improbably bundling voluptuous fat-tailed sheep into the back seats of Lada cars. The setting amid semi-derelict flourmills might seem unprepossessing, but on clear days the backdrop of white-topped mountains is more striking from here than from the town center. A series of earthen unloading plat¬forms lead north. Jostle through the chaos to reach a bigger main compound one block north, where you’ll find horse sales and ven¬dors of beautiful embossed leather saddles. On foot the bazaar is about 25 minutes’ walk from City Center. (Resource: Lonely Planet)

Address: Udilov Str. / Lenin Str.                                
Working hours:  01am -10am, only on Sunday 
Time Spent: 1Hour

Archaly valley KG

The Archaly valley is about 45 km long, one of the confluent of the Kichi Naryn river. You will observe three type of landscape. The lower part, where the Archaly river will flow into the Kichi Naryn river, it's a wide valley and flat meadows. The middle part is a narrow canyon which opens on alpine landscape, the highest part of the valley, with wide meadows and icy peaks on the South, and dry and colorful mountains on the North. The valley ends at the lake and pass Kyzyl Bel, which means in Kyrgyz language "The red back".

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