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Discover Tajikistan, where majestic mountains cradle ancient cultures. This birthplace of civilizations offers breathtaking landscapes and a rich tapestry of history. Traverse the legendary Pamir Highway, explore ancient fortresses, and connect with the warm and resilient spirit of the Tajik people.

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31 August 2022 Blog

Chaรฏkhana Kori Navruz Palace, the world's biggest tea house

Still little known outside Tajikistan, the new Chaikhana of Dushanbe is a huge luxurious complex 120 meters wide and long. "chaikhana" translates from Persian to "tea house". It is possible that this new "tea house" was built in order to replace the popular Chaรฏkhana Rohat on Rudaki Avenue, much more visited by tourists and which would not ultimately be destroyed.

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Samuel Maret