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Tomb of the Old Testament Prophet Daniel UZ

Around 1400, the Turkish-Mongol emperor Tamerlane brought back from Persia to Samarkand a supposed relic (an arm, or the whole body, according to the versions) of Daniel, who is called Doniyor in Uzbek. So we also find, near a pistachio tree and a reputed miraculous source, a tomb of Daniel in Samarkand: the mausoleum of Khodja Daniyar. It is contained in a long and low building topped with five domes, on the banks of the Sieb Aryk River, it contains an 18 m long sarcophagus, the longest in the world.

Almaty International Airport KZ

Almaty International Airport is the largest international airport in Kazakhstan operating flights to more than 55 cities.

The first airport of Almaty was built in 1923, near the central stadium. In 1932, a P-3 make a first landing on the aerodrom of Almaty. The actual airport was founded in 1935 and inaugurate with a regular flight from Moscow with a Polikarpov R-5 on 8th of July 1936.The central building of the old airport, built in 1936 was designed by architects B. Zavarzina and G. Elkina. In November 1977, the supersonic TU144 had its first passenger flight from Moscow to Alma-Ata (Kazakhstan). Up to 1990 it was the part of Kazakh Department of Civil Aviation. On April 26, 1991, the airport was re-organized into Alma-Ata Airport, and since 1993 it runs as an independent business unit.

It is located about 15 km northeast of the center of Almaty.

The airport handled around 5 mio passengers and 50'000 flights annualy, and desserves 40 airlines companies. IATA code ALA.

Chong Tash (Juku valley) KG

Chong-Tash camping site, which means “big stone” in translation, is mentioned in the writings of Semyonov Tien-Shansky (Russian geographer, botanist, statistician, economist, traveler, statesman and public figure. He received a postscript to his surname “Tyan-Shansky”,  because he described the Tien-Shan mountains). But Buddhist inscriptions show that this place was known long before that.

A beautiful view of the snow-capped peaks, which open immediately as soon as you open the tent.
This is a very quiet and peaceful place.

Here, civilization is gradually left behind, which allows you to finally feel the real nature and hear the murmur of water.

We are getting closer and closer to the huge Arabel Plateau. This is a great place to be alone with nature and feel like a part of it.

Yodgorlik silk factory UZ

The products of the silk-weaving factory "Jodgorlik" have rightfully earned world fame. The company operates not only for the domestic market, but also for export to Europe, Russia, Korea and other countries. The Jodgorlik factory was opened in 1972. From the moment of the opening of the enterprise to the present day, the ancient secrets of fabric production are carefully kept here and the skill of craftsmen is honored. Previously, the factory was state-owned, now it is a private enterprise engaged in hand-made silk using traditional technologies.

The Cathedral in Bishkek KG

The Cathedral in Bishkek was built in 1941. The national motifs of Central Asia are clearly traced in the appearance of the building: the facade and walls of the bell tower resembling a minaret painted with oriental ornaments, decorative arches and pointed window openings of the first floor.There are also deliberately "Orthodox" elements in the temple — characteristic gilded tops topped with 8-terminal crosses of St. Lazarus, and the roof of the bell tower in the form of a polyhedral pyramid. The cathedral is decorated with icons and frescoes, most of which were painted by the Bishkek icon painter Evgenia Postavnicheva.At the same time, the cathedral turned into a full-fledged religious complex with a Sunday school, gymnasium, conference hall, library and its own historical museum.

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