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Ak-Bulun Museum

Museum Ak-Bulun
Kemelova Gulnara

Issyk Kul region Kyrgyzstan 1830 m

Ybyrai Tumanov (1888, Karakol district, Ak-Bulun aily - 1967, Karakol district) was a composer and people's composer. People's Artist of the Kyrgyz SSR (1951). Member of the Union of Composers of the USSR.
1936-57 Toktogul worked in the folk instrument orchestra of the Kyrgyz State Philharmonic named after Satylganov. "Soviet", "October Change", "Kolkhozny stroi", "Steamboat", "Tolkun", "My Heart", "Big Wedding", "Moscow", "Happy Day", "Tynchtyk", "Ala", "Mountain" and other melodies dedicated to labor and peace. In his works strongly developed voice description, narration, use of some techniques, complex techniques, strokes of professional music.
Ibrai skillfully performed folk songs and songs of Toktogul, Aidaraala, Asanaala, Murataala, Karamoldo, Abak, Kaidu, Mailibai and others. Many of his songs were written by A. Zataevich made recordings. Ibray's songs "Kenesh", "Zhash Tyal", "Zhuruk Tolkoyt", "Gray Krut" and other melodies were arranged. He also performed dreamy melodies such as "Abishka's Dream", "Orphan's Dream", "Serkebai's Dream", caused by poverty and difficult fate.Zalkar composed and arranged melodies of komuz and current komuz performers in the Jewish style. Unlike other komuzists, Ibraj made the singability of the rhythmic songs a creation of the national melody.
1939 Participated in the ten days of Kyrgyz art, Kyrgyz literature and art held in Moscow (1958). 1990 The collection "Songs" was published.
Awarded the Order of the Red Banner of Labor and the Order of the Badge of Honor. His and

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