Jeti Oguz valley

Horse Riding above Jeti Oguz
Anina Eggenberger for Nomad's Land

Issyk Kul regionKyrgyzstan • 2200 m

The valley Dzheti-Oguz is located on a northern part Terskey Alatoo and stretches to the southern coast of Issyk Kul.

Dzheti Oguz (from Kyrgyz it is translated - "Seven Bulls") is in the southwest in 25 km from Karakol. Dense vegetation covers red rocks of the gorge. These rocks so wild and delightful that they have been represented on the Soviet stamp in 1968. The name "Seven Bulls" follows from Red Rocks, being on against sanatorium, which known for the medical hot springs.

Also these rocks are called "the Broken Heart" if to look from North side of the rock remind Heart, and are the place for a pilgrimage of lovers. There are sets of legends which are connected with red rocks and the Lake Issyk Kul.

The top of the valley is finished by the Oguz Bashy array - "The Head of the Bull", 5168 m high.