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Manjyly-Ata valley

Manjyly-Ata valley

Issyk Kul regionKyrgyzstan • 1650 m

On the southern shore of Issyk-Kul, one kilometer east of Ton Bay, is the holy place "Manzhaly-Ata". Manzhyly-Ata became famous at the end of the 17th century, in the epic "Manas" he is mentioned as sacred to the Kyrgyz people. Although Manzhaly was the patron saint of nomadic pastors, he was a famous professor of Sufism, who during his lifetime spread Islam among the Kyrgyz nomadic pagans.

The valley is a geological anomaly, a maze of small valleys leading to the sacred sources. In the valleys of Manzhyly grow 8 sacred willows, at the base of which are 12 main healing sources and 5 additional sources:

1st source "Manzhyly-Ata". Heals diseases of the blood, cardiovascular system, crushes and removes kidney and liver stones, rejuvenates and prolongs life.

The 2nd source heals the endocrine system.

The 3rd source of Ilim is knowledge. Give an overview.

4th source of Bala - Child. From infertility, it has a good effect on conception and childbirth.

5th source of "Health".

6th and 7th sources Bugu Ene - Mother Deer. 1st source treats liver disease. The 2nd source deals with eye diseases.

8th source Aziz Bulagy - Spring Snake. Helps get rid of nervous diseases, headaches.

There is a healing mud nearby. Heals joint pain.

9th source "Family" - aiming to create a family and its well-being.

10th source - heals stomach aches.

11th source - cures skin diseases.

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