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Kekemeren river

Kyzyl Oy

KyrgyzstanKyrgyzstan • 2000 m

The Kekemeren is the biggest river tributary of the Naryn river. The Suusamyr and the West Karakol river flow into the Kekemeren at the altitude of 2030 meters, near the village of Kojomkul and 3 kilomètres before the Kekemeren's canyon. The river is situated between the Suusamyr and the Djumgal ranges is about 130 km long till the Naryn confluence. 

The whole river is passing through a colorfull canyon with interesting whitewater for good rafter, classe I to V. Our rafting programs purpose two section, the first fo 45 km from Kojomkul village till Aral village (1 to 3 days), the second of 90 km from Aral to the Naryn confluence (2-5 days). Of course, the during time depend on the level of participants, but good experienced rafters.

The Amudarya trout (Slmo trutta oxianus Kessler), the Schizothorax intermedius McLelland, locally known as "marinka" lives in upstream waters of Kekemeren river
Diptychus maculatus Berg (osman) can be encountered only in the upper part of the river in the Suusamyr bassin.

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