Ethnographic Museum Barkan Mukashev

Ethnographic museum of Svetlaya Polyana - South shore Issyk Kul lake - Jeti Oguz District
Nomad's Land

Issyk Kul regionKyrgyzstan • 1838 m

The Barkan Mukashev Ethnographic Museum is a unique place where every visitor can plunge into the rich history and culture of the peoples of Central Asia. Located in the heart of the Ysyk-Kul region, this museum is not only a repository of precious artifacts, but also a living testimony to the centuries-old history of this region.

The museum bears the name of the outstanding ethnographer Barkan Mukashev, whose dedication to research and preservation of cultural heritage made his name known far beyond the region. There is a unique collection of household items, clothing, jewelry and crafts that tell about the traditions and customs of the peoples living in the vicinity of Ysyk-Kul.

Visitors can walk through the halls of the museum, where each exposition is a window to the past, allowing you to immerse yourself in the atmosphere of ancient rituals, holidays and daily life of local residents. Impressive reconstructions of dwellings and everyday life complement the collection of artifacts, creating a complete picture of the life and culture of those times.

The Barkan Mukashev Ethnographic Museum not only preserves the past, but also plays an important role in passing on the cultural heritage to future generations. It invites every guest on a fascinating journey into the history and traditions of Central Asia, revealing to us the richness and diversity of this amazing region.