Kata Beshyk glacier

Peak Lenin peak Tsiupury
Vitaly Sapojnikov

Osh Region β€’ Kyrgyzstan β€’ 3800 m

The Kata Beshik glacier was part of the enormous Kungyr Suu glacier. Today, the glacier smelled but still some water flew into the Kata Beshik gorge. The  possible to cross the glacier without mountaineering equipment and link with the Kaman Suu gorge. The layer of rocky debris on the glacier, nomads gave him the name of black glacier. A the neck of Katta-Beshik, the panorama opens on the highest and beautiful peaks of the Pamir, the Lenin Peak 7134m, Tsuriupy Peak 5849m, Krasina Peak 5999m and Dzerjanskovo 6617m on the border with Tajikistan.