Yunfeng mountain

Yufeng is a beautiful town, surrounded by greenery and cultural riches, located in the northeast of Taiwan. Its name translates as “Blasting Fist”, and it truly impresses with its spirit and atmosphere.

History and Cultural Heritage:
Yufeng is one of the oldest cities on the island, its history goes back more than two hundred years. It is famous for its rich cultural heritage, which can be seen in its narrow streets, traditional buildings and numerous temples and shrines.

Narrow Streets and Ancient Houses:
Walking through the streets of Yufeng, you can see ancient houses decorated with bright colors and original decor. These houses embody the spirit of the past and transport visitors to another era.

Local Delicacies:
Yufeng is also famous for its variety of local delicacies and culinary treats. Here you can try delicious Taiwanese treats such as aromatic tea, traditional snacks and sweets prepared according to ancient recipes.

Market Trade and Crafts:
Yufeng Market is a place to shop for local goods, souvenirs and handicrafts made by local artisans. Here you can find everything from luxurious gemstone items to simple souvenirs that will remind you of your visit to this amazing city.

Natural Beauty:
Apart from its cultural wealth, Yufeng is also famous for its natural beauty. It is surrounded by mountains and forests, offering visitors unique opportunities for walks and excursions along scenic routes.

Yufeng is a place where history, culture and natural beauty come together, creating an amazing atmosphere that will leave an unforgettable experience for everyone who decides to visit.