Xinjiang's Rugged Trails

Delve into the remote corners of Xinjiang, where skiing, snowboarding, and trekking adventures await amid breathtaking landscapes.


Masterful Creations: Delving into China’s Handicraft Heritage

Discover the rich tapestry of Chinese handicrafts, a testament to the skill and artistry that have flourished here for millennia. In markets and workshops, witness the intricate brush strokes of traditional calligraphy, the delicate weaving of silk, and the precise cuts of jade carving. Each piece tells a story of cultural identity and artisanal legacy, particularly in regions like Yunnan and Tibet, where local crafts reflect the unique influences of minority cultures. Engaging with these crafts offers a deep appreciation for China’s diverse artistic heritage.

Health and Wellness

Holistic Harmony: Embracing Health and Wellness in China

Explore the ancient traditions and modern practices of health and wellness in China, a country that has nurtured body and spirit for thousands of years. Participate in tai chi sessions by the serene West Lake, soak in the mineral-rich hot springs of Sichuan, or seek out a traditional Chinese medicine consultation in Beijing. China’s approach to health combines time-honored techniques with contemporary wellness trends, offering a holistic path to well-being that is deeply rooted in natural harmony and balance.


Trailblazing China: Adventures on Foot

Strap on your hiking boots for diverse trekking experiences in China, from the mystical mountains of Tibet to the rugged trails of the Tiger Leaping Gorge. Hike along parts of the Great Wall not frequented by tourists, offering solitary moments with history and nature. In Xinjiang, traverse the Tianshan Mountains, where the trails lead to breathtaking views and encounters with nomadic communities. Hiking in China is as varied as its landscapes, providing endless opportunities for adventure and connection with the natural world.

Historical Sites

Time Travels: Uncovering China’s Historical Sites

Step back in time at China’s historical sites, where the past lives on in spectacular monuments and ruins. From the Forbidden City in Beijing to the terracotta warriors of Xi’an, each site offers a window into the complex tapestry of Chinese history. Explore lesser-known locales such as the ancient Buddhist caves in Dunhuang or the traditional Tulou homes of Fujian province. Visiting these places not only educates but also inspires awe with the enduring legacy of China’s civilizations.


Summit Dreams: Conquering China’s High Peaks

Accept the challenge of mountaineering in China, where the Himalayas and other ranges offer some of the world’s most formidable peaks. Attempt ascents of sacred mountains like Minya Konka in Sichuan or explore the lesser-known but equally stunning peaks in Yunnan. The experience of climbing in China is not just a physical challenge—it’s a spiritual journey, offering moments of profound beauty and personal achievement against the backdrop of the earth’s highest skies.

Nomadic Lifestyle

Steppe Life: Experiencing China’s Nomadic Traditions

Immerse yourself in the nomadic lifestyle of China’s remote regions, where ancient traditions survive in the rhythm of seasonal migrations. In Inner Mongolia, live with herder families and learn about their daily lives, from tending livestock to preparing traditional Mongolian dishes. These experiences offer a unique insight into a way of life that is harmonious with nature, providing lessons in simplicity and sustainability that resonate long after your journey ends.

Observing Flora

Botanical Wonders: China’s Floral Diversity

Explore the rich biodiversity of China’s plant life, where varied climates and vast landscapes foster a wide array of flora. From the subtropical forests of Yunnan to the alpine meadows of Qinghai, each region offers unique botanical discoveries. Participate in guided tours to learn about the medicinal properties of native plants or enjoy the simple beauty of wildflowers in bloom. Observing China’s flora is not only a delight for the senses but also an education in the ecological wealth of the country.

Ski Touring

Xinjiang's Untouched Slopes: A Ski Touring Paradise

Ascend Xinjiang’s remote peaks for a ski touring adventure across the pristine Tian Shan and Altai ranges. Experience the tranquility of untouched powder, with panoramic views that stretch endlessly across the horizon. Glide down serene slopes, leaving the first tracks in fresh snow, under the watchful eyes of eagles. Our expert guides ensure a safe journey through these majestic landscapes, offering both challenge and charm for every skill level. Finish your day by the fire, reflecting on a pure connection with nature.

Wildlife Watching

Nature’s Bounty: Wildlife Watching Across China

Embark on wildlife watching adventures in China, where diverse ecosystems are home to some of the world’s most fascinating species. Track the elusive snow leopards in the Tibetan Plateau, watch the playful antics of pandas in Sichuan, or spot the rare Siberian tigers in the northeast. Guided tours in reserves like Jiuzhaigou or the Changbai Mountains offer chances to see these animals in their natural habitats, enhancing your understanding of China’s commitment to conservation and the protection of biodiversity.


Epic Journeys: Driving China’s Diverse Landscapes

Embark on a driving adventure across China, where every road offers a new perspective on this vast and varied country. Navigate the ancient Silk Road through Xinjiang, where the rugged landscapes and historic trading posts evoke centuries of travelers before you. From the steep passes of the Tibetan Plateau to the bustling streets of Beijing, driving in China is an exploration of both modern dynamism and rich history. Experience the thrill of discovery behind the wheel, uncovering secrets of the world’s most populous nation.


Skyward Bound: Exploring China from Above

Take to the skies to witness the breathtaking scope of China’s geography, from the deserts of Xinjiang to the forested mountains of Yunnan. Aerial journeys provide a unique vantage point to appreciate the Great Wall snaking through the landscape or the clustered skyscrapers of Shanghai rising towards the heavens. Flying in China is not just about convenience—it’s about capturing the majestic beauty of a country that seamlessly blends ancient traditions with cutting-edge modernity.