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Agriculture in Arslanbob village

Ride to Holy Lakes of Arslanbob

A Horseback Riding Adventure in Kyrgyzstan's Ferghana Valley

Our loop will take you through originel walnut forests, open pastures, and majestic mountains as we make our way to the sacred lakes of Arslanbob. 

Ride to the heart of Boobash Ata's spirituality

Experience the unique combination of horseback riding and spiritual exploration as you visit the holy lakes of Arslanbob in Kyrgyzstan's beautiful Ferghana Valley - a one of a kind adventure that can't be found anywhere else.

3 DaysAdventure toursKyrgyzstan

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            Arslanbob village - Sere
Riding from Arslanbob to pastures of Sere
Arslanbob village - Sere

We will start our day after our breakfast and head west towards the Kyzyl-Alma fields and Jayloo Kara-At. Along the way, we will have the opportunity to witness the seasonal nomadic life in the Jayloos.

After a leisurely ride, we will then ascend the Char-Archa pass (2800m) and continue on to the alpine pasture of Tulga-Tash. We will take a break for lunch and rest before continuing our journey up to Chakmak-Tash, where we will have usually the chance to see a large number of yaks grazing in the area.

The day will conclude with camping on the Jayloo Sere, where you can enjoy the tranquility of the valley and the stunning views of the mountains. 

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
30 km
1300 m
500 m

            Sere - Tash-Koroo
Horseride from Sere to Tash-Koroo pastures
Sere - Tash-Koroo

After breakfast, we'll set out on horseback towards the Tash-Koroo, a large canyon known for its stunning scenery. We'll stop for lunch along the way before continuing our journey towards the holy lake.

As we approach the lake, we'll have maybe the opportunity to see pilgrims from Central Asia, riding and walking around the lake, paying their respects. We'll set up camp in the Tash-Koroo canyon and enjoy dinner under the stars, surrounded by the natural beauty of the valley.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
35 km
1000 m
1000 m

            Tash-Koroo - Arslanbob village
Horseride from Tash-Koroo to Arslanbob
Tash-Koroo - Arslanbob village

After breakfast, we will set out on horseback towards Dubana-Mazar, taking in the beauty of the coniferous forests along the way. We will stop for lunch in the Jayloo Sere before continuing our journey up to the Char-Archa pass.

From the pass, we will descend towards the picturesque village of Arslanbob. We will end the day by spending the night in a CBT (Community-based Tourism) Homestay in Arslanbob, experiencing the local culture and hospitality.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
35 km
1200 m
2000 m

Little given to write comments, this occasion certainly deserves it. I just arrived from Kyrgyzstan just a week ago, and what was initially planned as a great trip has turned out to be an unforgettable life experience. The imposing mountains of the country, its lakes, landscapes, the kindness and simplicity of its people have greatly marked in me the most pleasant memory that I will always keep from this trip. If the context already met all the requirements to become a great adventure, the presence of our guide, Mikel, has turned the trip into an experience that will make any lived image be accompanied by a smile. What to say about the great Mikel, as a guide he is extraordinarily decisive, and there were many complications that we were given, but he was always there to propose solutions to everything that happened to us. A great lover of everything he does, and always with knowledge, an endearing person and with a great heart, he has earned the respect and affection of all of us with the naturalness that characterizes him. And of course, he always guided by good humor !!. In my particular case, I lost my luggage on the flight stopover, and with little time for presentations, he managed to get my suitcase delivered as soon as possible. If I had to undertake any other journey, of course Mikel's presence would bring great peace of mind. Thank you for making the trip unimaginable !!!


Highly recommended. We are travelling a lot and have tried various tour agencies and we can´t recommend Nomads-Land enough. We had been very satisfied from the first contact until the last diner together. Our Tour-Designer Fabien was very experienced and could set up a Tour that was perfectly tailored to our needs, interests, wishes and our budget. Especially if you want to go off the beaten tracks then Nomads-Land is the right choice. Our Driver&Guide could have not been more helpful, entertaining and caring. Thanks a lot for the great tour and all your help.

Charly Manuel

On your way

Arslanbob village KG

Arslanbob (written also Arstanpap or Arslanbap) is a wide village in the mountain, north of the city of Jalal Abad. Mainly populated by people of Uzbek ethnicity, the village count about 15'000 inhabitants. Most of the population are Uzbek, and less than 5% is Kyrgyz, Russian, Tatar, Tajik, Chechen etc… The village is situated at an altitude of 1350 metres up to 1800 metres.

Kyrgyzstan's first known export to Europe was the Arslanbob walnut. Nuts forest are legendary because there are certainly originel forest of nuts, and maybe Alexander the Great bring back these nuts to Greece. Two waterfalls are located in the area which attract tourists, expats and pilgrims, skiers and other whole year round.

Arslanbob is named after an 11th-century figure, Arslanbob-Ata (alternate: Arstanbap-Ata). He may have been of Arab descent as in that language, Arslan translates to "lion" and bab to "gate", while in Turkic languages, ata means "father of". ergo "father of the lion gate". 'Bob', used as a suffix, is a traditional practice used in the Arslanbob which denotes "a traveler and explorer.

Muslims consider picturesque forest gardens sacred. According to legend, in ancient times there was an extremely hardworking man called Arstanbap who served the prophet Muhammad. Pilgrims come from far away to see the mausoleum of Arsantbap. And those who visit the forest bring with them a bit of paradise. 

The walnut forest is within the 60,000 hectares (150,000 acres) forest situated between the Fergana and Chatkal Mountains. The walnut forest is located at altitudes varying between 1,500 metres (4,900 ft) and 2,000 metres (6,600 ft) above sea level on the Fergana range's south-facing slopes. At 11,000 hectares (27,000 acres), the Arslanbob woodland is the largest walnut grove on Earth.

Behind the village of Arslanbob are the Babash-Ata Mountains. There are two waterfalls nearby. One measures 80 metres (260 ft) high and has a slippery scree slope; it is situated in a cliff face north of the village. Another, to the east, is 23 metres (75 ft) in height and has two prayer caves, one of which is known as the Cave of the 40 Angels.

NGO "Forest relics" is our lodging provider. In Summer or in Winter, they organise sports and cultural events :

In May : Bike Challenge of Arslanbob


What is included

  • All transportation in a private vehicle

  • All airport transfers

  • Accommodation as described in the program

  • Meals (3 per day)

  • Bottled water (when possible) & tea

  • English-speaking trekking guide

  • Horses with local saddles

  • Pack horses with saddle bags & horsemen

  • Camping & cooking equipment (tents, mats, gas, stove, etc)

  • All the activities listed in the program

  • Entry fees at national parks and/or border zones listed in the program

  • Entry fees at museums and historical sites listed in the program

  • Domestic flights mentioned in the program

  • A contribution to our sustainable development projects

  • Organisation of the trip & local taxes

What is not included

  • International flights

  • International banking fees (PayPal, ...)

  • Travel & repatriation insurance

  • Visas / LOI (if applicable)

  • Alcoholic and soft drinks

  • Personal expenses

  • Personal equipment (sleeping bag, headlight, personal medication, etc)

  • Additional costs due to unexpected personal events (health, loss of luggage, ...)

  • Tips for guide & driver (always optional, always appreciated)

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