Chaïkhana Kori Navruz Palace, the world's biggest tea house

The Dushanbe tea room Kohi Navruz (Nowruz or Noruz Palace)

Still little known outside Tajikistan, the new Chaikhana of Dushanbe is a huge luxurious complex 120 meters wide and long. "chaikhana" translates from Persian to "tea house". It is possible that this new "tea house" was built in order to replace the popular Chaïkhana Rohat on Rudaki Avenue, much more visited by tourists and which would not ultimately be destroyed.

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Samuel Maret

31 August 2022

The new Rohi Navruz tea house immediately made me think of the grandeur and luxury of the Taj Mahal, it is located on the shores of Komsomol Lake and is surrounded by a sumptuous southern garden with summer pavilions and fountains. He turns his back on the new presidential palace.

chaikhana kori navruz palace fresco
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The monument reaches 46 meters high

The monument reaches 46 meters high with a dome 40 meters in diameter. The building has 12 richly decorated rooms, a meticulous work that brought together many Tajik artisans. The rooms on the first floor can be rented for weddings or other celebrations. The other rooms are reserved for presidential or ministerial meetings.

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Rohi Navruz is also called Rohi Navruz Palace

Rohi Navruz is also called Rohi Navruz Palace, and is one of those incredible oversized constructions in Dushanbe like the new national library. Travelers are not very attracted by these new buildings, they prefer the old buildings built in the Soviet era which disappear every day in a city in full change. Dushanbe is reborn.

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