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Tash Rabat

Tash Rabat

The historic-cultural area, which includes the most ancient memorial Tash-Rabat (the 14th century) is situated 110 km to the South from Naryn and n

Naryn city

Naryn city

Blocked in the Central Tien Shan, the town was built during soviet times. If the town has no charm, the landscape is just unbelievable.

Tash Doeboe (Song Kul's lake)

Song Kul lake

The scenary Song Kul (or Song Kul) lake is the main pasture of nomads. Hundreds yurts are built during summer.



Jalal-Abad (also Dzhalal-Abad; since 2003 also spelled Jalalabad and Jalalabat) is the administrative and economic center of Jalal-Abad Oblasty in

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The Amir Hotel is a three star nice new hotel which is located close to the center of Karakol city.

Grand Hotel

The Grand Hotel is a three star hotel located in the central part of Bishkek city in the intersection of Frunze and Shevchenko street.Grand Hotel i