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Sary-Chelek reserve

Sary Chelek lake
Nomad's Land

Jalal-Abad RegionKyrgyzstan • 1265 m

The State Nature Reserve of Sary-Chelek was created in 1959, a biosphere located between the Chatkal and At-Oynok ridges in the Jalal-Abad region, from 1200 to 4247 meters altitude. In 1978 it was declared as a World Biosphere reserve by UNESCO.

The largest lake named also Sary-Chelek is situated at 1874 meters above the sea level, with an area of 470 hectares and a depth of 234 meters.

981 species of plants are repertoried. The region is covered by one of the largest walnut forest (juglans regia), wild apple (malus spp.), pear (pyrus spp.) and an plums (prunus divaricata), fir (abies semenovii), spruce (picea schrenkiana), juniper (Juniperus sp.) and grape (Vitis silvestris) and more.

You can also observe a variety of fauna (80 species of shrubs, 38 species of animals, 157 species of birds).

To travel in this biosphere with Nomad's Land, it means you accept the rules of the reserve. With our local partner, we do our maximum to avoid leaving human traces.


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