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Sibbaldianthe adpressa (Bunge) Juz.

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Flora and Fauna in Mongolia

Nature of Mongolia is beautiful and diverse. As we move to the south-east, with decreasing altitude, density of vegetation gradually decreases and reaches the level of the Gobi desert region. There are 2351 species of seed plants and ferns. Some of them are used as raw material for the manufacture of tools of traditional Chinese medicine:

  • ginseng,
  • ephedra,
  • licorice.

There are 114 species of wild animals and more than 51 species of birds. Many of them are protected by law:

  • snow leopard,
  • moose,
  • tiger
  • deer,
  • sika deer.

In broad intermountain basins are located magnificent pastures. The river valleys have fertile soil, rivers are full of fish.

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