Traveling in Asia, as elsewhere, it is also faced with unexpected and unpredictable dangers. Be well assured before you leave is an important point of your preparation.

Visa for Tajikistan

On June 1 2016 the new portal for issuance of electronic visas “e-Visa”, ( which enables foreign citizens willing to enter the country with tourist or business visas to complete the electronic application and receive the electronic visa without visiting consulate representati


As of October 30, 2000, Somoni is a national currency of Tajikistan, which became a worthy replacement of the Tajik Rouble. International designation – TJS.


 Tajikistan has several international airports in Dushanbe, in Kulob, in Khudjand. Dushanbe International Airport (DYU), located in the capital city of Dushanbe is the main airport of Tajikistan. A range of national and international carriers including: Somon Air, Tajik Air, Turkish and Fly Dubay