National park Karakol

Fauna and Flora

National Park Karakol is created 15th April at 1997 in Yssyk Kul region , district Ak-Suu as a reserve. It occupies 38256 h, and unique natural complexes of the gorge Karakol are stored in him.

The fauna is represented by a roe, a capricorn, a wolf, a fox, a marten, an ermine, from birds - an ular, a stone partridge. From the Red List: a leopard, a golden eagle,a kumai,a saker, a lamb live here.

The main forest forming breeds are coniferous: pine, fir-tree of Tien Shan, larch. There are no hard-wooded broadleaved breeds. Flora is presented by more than 700 species of plants, from them 80 types - wood and shrubby breeds.



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