Shepherd's Life Association

Shepherd's Life is an ecotourism association founded by Helvetas offering yurt house and homestays on the territory of Naryn. Ainura is the coordinator and office is based in Kochkor. In partnership with the association, Nomad's Land develops new programs and contributes to the training of local tourism employees.

At-Bashi village

A large village in the Naryn Region of Kyrgyzstan, about 35km southwest of Naryn on the main highway to theTorugart Pass. Head of At-Bashi District. Blocked on the bank of the At-Bashy river, between the At-Bashy Range and Baybiche-Too range. It counts more thant 10'000 inhabitants of a total of 50'000 inhabitants of its district. Mostly populated by Kyrgyz, but there are still some minorities like Uzbeks or Uigurs. At-Bashi is wellknown about its handicraft women association and the Sunday's animal bazar.


Chaek is the administrative center of the rayon of Jumgal. Its bazar is now replaced by many small shop on the border of the main street.