Celestial Mountains Guesthouse

Guest House

The Celestial Mountains Guesthouse has a good location, in a quiet spot overlooking the eastern end of the town, near the main road into, (out of), Naryn. It is in a modernized, refurbished building that can cater for up to 25 people in 11 rooms. The guesthouse has a small, friendly staff and provides modern and clean showers and toilets, hot water provided by specially installed heaters.  The guests can use a TV room with a selection of English and Russian language videos, telephone and fax facilities with international dialing.

Naryn city

Blocked in the Central Tien Shan, the town was built during soviet times. If the town has no charm, the landscape is just unbelievable. Red cliffs are surrounding the main city of the Naryn's Oblast.

Ala Mischuk Cave

GPS Coordinates: 41º25'48.9”N, 75º52'23.0”E
Elevation: 2,118 meters

Ala Mischuk Cave is set in a slot in the cliff face of the Ala Mischuk mountain at the western end of Naryn.  The main chamber has a spectacular skylight 40 meters above the cave floor.  Side caverns extend east and west from the main chamber.