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The blue jewels of Kyrgyzstan

Culture and discovery

Around lakes Issyk Kul and Song Kul.

A wide range of amazing landscapes

We invite you to a 12 days discovery of Kyrgyzstan by small daily walks and transfers.

12 Days Discovery tours Kyrgyzstan

  • 1 people: $2,621

  • 2 people: $1,597

  • 3 people: $1,255

  • 4 people: $1,085

  • 5 people: $982

  • 6 people: $914

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  Manas International Airport - Bishkek
Arrival at airport Manas, rest and visit of the capital Bishkek

Arrival in Bishkek. Meeting with the local guide in the airport. Transfer to the center of city. Having a rest. Lunch. Afternoon, visit of the capital. Dinner and return to the guest house. Overnight in guesthouse.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
40 km
100 m
0 m

  Bishkek - Chong Kemin
Bath at Issyk Ata hot pool; visit of Burana tower; National park of Chong Kemin

Morning tour around the Issyk Ata valley and its hot springs, visit of the Burana tower at the archaeological site of Balasagun, ancient city on the Silk Road (XI c.). Afternoon, transfer to the National Park Chong Kemin. Visit of the Chabdan Batyr park, he was a former, Kyrgyz hero. Cultural Evening organized by the regional ecotourism association in the village of Karol Doeboe. Night in homestay (CBT Chong Kemin)

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
150 km
900 m
0 m

  Chong Kemin - Cholpon-Ata
Short hike in the national park, then transfer to Cholpon Ata

Morning walk to the forest, then transfer to Issyk Kul Lake, the second largest mountain lake in the world. Afternoon, visit of Ornok petroglyphs, Cholpon Ata Regional Museum. Arrival to accommodation.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
170 km

  Cholpon-Ata - Karakol
Drive to Karakol

After breakfast, visit petroglyphes, Museum Cholpon-Ata and Tuyp's Kurgan. On the road, in the afternoon we will visit the town of Karakol, the Memorial Museum Prjevalski. Dinner at a local restaurant. Overnight in guesthouse or hotel in Karakol

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
160 km
50 m
50 m

  Karakol - Altyn Arashan valley
Walk to the Altyn Arashan hot springs

Morning transfer to the Altyn Arachan valley, then walk 2 hours / 6km to the hot springs and shelters. Afternoon, free time, we are able to walk to the top of the valley. Night at the shelter (very basic accommodation).

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
35 km
300 m
0 m

  Altyn Arashan valley - Tamga
Walk down to Ak-Suu village and drive to Soek pass and Tamga village

Morning walk downhill to the village of Ak-Suu, and then transfer to Karakol. Meal in a typical restaurant. Afternoon, visit the Barskoon valley. We drive to the pass Soek 4021m. (collar bone). Above the sirthes Arabel and Taragai. Then back to the Issyk Kul lake. Overnight in Tamga Guesthouse (WC / shower on the floor).   

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
220 km
0 m
500 m

  Tamga - Kochkor
From Tamga to Kochkor with various discoveries of the South shore of Issyk Kul lake

Morning tour of the gorge "Skazka" which means "fables", visit a hunter eagle, visit the village of Kyzyl Tuu, where the tradition is to make yurts. At noon meal in Kochkor, center of Kyrgyz crafts, little show. In the afternoon, discovery of the production of the felt. Night at Shepherd's Life (Guesthouse)

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
170 km
200 m
0 m

  Kochkor - Batay Aral (Song Kul)
Morning transfer to Lake Song Kul via Kalmak Ashuu Pass (3446m.)

Ride through mountains and hills, discover the herds of yaks and nomadic culture. Then transfer to the shore of Lake Song Kul, where we meеt with our host family. Traditional meal and overnight in yurts. (3030m. Alt.)

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
80 km
1454 m
432 m

  Batay Aral (Song Kul) - Tash Doeboe (Song Kul)
Around lake Song Kul till Tash Doeboe

Morning, free time. At noon, transfer to S-Е lakeshore. Horse riding or walking to scenic views. Petroglyph researching. Back to our yurts and discovery of traditional equestrian games. 

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
40 km

  Tash Doeboe (Song Kul) - Kyzyl Oy
On the road to Kyzyl Oy

Morning, transfer to the Karaketche pass and descent to the valley of Jumgal. On the road, a panoramic view of Lake Song Kul, and an open-air coal mine. Stop in Chaek, and in the small village of Kyzyl Oi passing by the middle of the canyon Kekemeren, with purple colors. Night at CBT (Guesthouse).

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
170 km

  Kyzyl Oy - Bishkek
Drive to Bishkek

Morning, transfer to Bishkek, a visit of the village of Kojomkul, named after kyrgyz hero. Passing the tunnel Toe-Ashuu, which cross the chain of the Kyrgyz Alatoo. Arrival in Bishkek. Transfer to guesthouse. Free time for last shopping or visiting the capital. Overnight in Villa Real (Guesthouse).

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
210 km
1440 m
2500 m

  Bishkek - Manas International Airport
Transfer from Bishkek to Manas International Airport.

Depending on your flight time, your guide will join you to the airport and help you check in for your flight.  If your flight is later in the day your guide will show you more places in Bishkek before your flight.We hope you enjoyed your trip to Kyrgyzstan and we hope you come back again to explore other counties in Central Asia with us. 

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
40 km
0 m
100 m

An incredible 8-day experience in the south of Kyrgyzstan, a transhumance with the Nomad's Land agency. Not necessarily reassured since a novice in horse riding, but well taken into account by Fabien our guide (French!), With a full day of discovery before starting the journey. What I particularly appreciated: the privileged relationship with the family. We made this transhumance with the whole family of Kyrgyz herders and shepherds (about ten people), our guide, and only 3 tourists. An exceptional memory to sleep in the middle of this family in the Yurt built a little earlier in the middle of nowhere. As much as following and leading the sheep in the middle of valleys, mountains and gigantic scenery. A big thank you to our guide Fabien for all his anecdotes about the country, who will have transmitted to us his love (even obsession!) Of the country! If you dream of wide open spaces, and are not afraid of the cold (the temperature can go down at night in these mountains!) Go for it!


Responsive and friendly with a solid and long experience of the country, has a wide network of contacts that can help in neighboring countries and caters to both budget travelers and people wanting more comfort

Fran Stey

On your way

Chong Kemin National Park KG

This park encompasses the entire Chong Kemin Valley. There are many trails still virgin or almost. Several passes between Issyk Kul Lake or Kitchi Kemin Valley.

The total area is 126,514 hectares. Here in the park the river Chon Kemin flows. More than 780 species of plants grow and rare mammals such as snow leopard, brown bear, maral, Eurasian lynx, golden eagle, himalayan griffon vulture (Gyps himalayensis),  bearded vulture (Gypaetus barbatus), saker falcon and sablefly are found.

Tash Doeboe (Song Kul) KG

Every year at this place nomads spend the holidays. And in the south-east coast, between the hollows Kum-Bel (Sandy Pass) and Tepshi (Basin) are ancient stones.

According to the Historical Museum of Ak-Talin region, there are 9 homes, each of which consists of eight stones, they extend from north to south. The diameter of each chamber is 335-366 cm, the length of the stone reaches 91,3-152,4 cm, the distance between the centers of 11-44 meters.

"These archaeological sites called 'Hearth of Manas', are built of stones and post for tying his horse Akkulov. These monuments are found in the Altai and Tenir Too. Tradition says that the Manas, going to war for a just cause, and trained to speak in this valley with its 40 soldiers " 

M. Apilov

Karakol KG

At the eastern tip of Lake Issyk-Kul, Karakol is a fertile garden town of wooden chocolate-box cottages and shady, poplar-lined avenues. Fringed to the east by the Terskey Ala-Too Mountains, which tower dramatically over its low-rise skyline, Issyk-Kul ripples 10 km to the west.

Karakol is the best base from which to explore the lakeshore and Central Asia's prime trekking and mountaineering routes. With the most spectacular parts of the Central Tien-Shan right on its doorstep and newly open to foreign visitors, the town attracts trekkers, hikers and climbers from all over the world.

Karakol and its surroundings have just as much to offer their less energetic visitors. Besides one of Kyrgyzstan's largest and most colorful bazaars, a nomadic livestock market and several good museums, its spectacular environs boast an endless array of truly unique day trips. Blood-red cliffs, hot springs, Scythian burial mounds, nomad camps and sandy beaches thousands of miles from the sea are all within easy reach.

The town was build since 1869, one year after Teplokluchenka (actually name Ak-Suu). There is a unique building in the center of Karakol - ancient wooden orthodox church. But you may visit also the zoo, the regional museum, the wooden mosque, the Panfilov park, the Park Victory, the museum and memorial Prejwalski.

Despite Karakol's status as the administrative center of the Issyk-Kul region, it has only 75,000 residents and a gentle, small-town atmosphere.

Bishkek KG

Bishkek is one of the greenest cities in Central Asia. About 150 different kinds of trees and bushes are planted in the streets of the city. There are many cinemas, Opera House, Kyrgyz and Russian Drama Theater, Mosques and Orthodox churches, historical complex of the national hero - Manas- “The Manas Ailly”, zoological, geological art and other museums, exhibitions of decorative and applied art, colorful oriental bazaars are others interesting places you are invited to visit.

On bazaar one can see really traditional handiwork of Kyrgyz land and goods from all around the world at reasonable prices. There are remarkable parks and shadowy boulevards Erkindik and Molodaya Gvardia, pensioners like to walk there, sportsmen run along its alleys, kids play and young people date here.

Bishkek - capital, heart of the Kyrgyz Republic, its political, economic, scientific and cultural center, the main transport unit. Bishkek - the location of the supreme bodies of the government of republic, embassies and representations of the foreign states. Bishkek is located in the center of the Chuy valley, at bottom of snow-white mountains of Kyrgyz Ala-Too, at height of 750 m. above sea level.

The area of territory - 160 sq. km, the population - about 1 million person. The city residential areas which have arisen at various times, differ on the planning structure and a degree of an accomplishment. Last years are characterized by occurrence on adjoining to city of territory of some new buildings with the microstructure. The city on administrative-territorial division is broken into 4 areas: Leninsky, Pervomajsky, Sverdlovsky, Oktjabrsky.

In Bishkek the most part of all industry of Kyrghyzstan is located. Feature of planning structure of the city of Bishkek is development of industrial zones along the railway. In city two industrial zones are allocated: east and western. The system of transport and foot ways connects industrial and administrative areas among themselves. Gardening is submitted by squares, parkways, parks, adjoining to city the territory is planted by forest plantations, there are lakes and water pools.

The science and education are submitted by the National academy of sciences and a plenty of average special and higher educational institutions. Bishkek - the center of national culture of Kyrghyzstan. Here there are theatres, a philharmonic society, libraries, museums.

Intensively the information infrastructure of city develops: some Internet providers already work, a plenty of local, global, corporate computer networks is created. Two operators of cellular communication, some operators of a paging and trunk radio communication work.

Batay Aral (Song Kul) KG

Vibrant with life, lush with mountain scenery, the resrve of Batay Aral are yours discover. On the shores of the lake do not grow tall trees, spruce, fir, but only here you will be able to please the eye immense heaps of edelweises (the Red Book), as well as a great many other bright, elegant and sometimes vey rare flowers. These floral oasis above are moving in the alpine meadows. In addition, the shore of the lake is home of 66 species of waterfowl, which are usually held here from May to September. Ornithologists come here, especially studying the livehoods of ducks, of which there are 14 species.

Altyn Arashan valley KG

Altyn Arashan

The gorge Altyn Arashan (with Kyrgyz language "golden source") - one of the most beautiful places of Kyrgyzstan. Its scenic beauty, a gem of the mountains is Ala Kehl, and hot springs, known for their beneficial properties, have long conquered the hearts of the people who come to these places. Arashan mountain valley of the river is 10 kilometers east of the town of Kara-Kol.

Hot springs are also at a height of 2,600 meters above sea level. They are known for their healing properties. The sources are divided into two: radon and hydrogen sulfide. The first source, a large concentration of radon in water has beneficial effects on the human body: accelerate the healing process and resorption, in the nerve fibers of muscle and bone tissue, improves heart function and normalized. There are also sources of hydrogen sulfide, according to its useful properties, they are not inferior to radon. Hydrogen sulfide baths are useful in a variety of skin diseases, cardiovascular disorders, for the restoration and normalization of the nervous system, musculoskeletal system.


What is included

  • All transportation in a private vehicle

  • All airport transfers

  • Accommodation as described in the program

  • Meals (3 per day)

  • Bottled water (when possible) & tea

  • English-speaking trekking guide

  • Pack horses with saddle bags & horsemen

  • Camping & cooking equipment (tents, mats, gas, stove, etc)

  • All the activities listed in the program

  • Entry fees at national parks and/or border zones listed in the program

  • Entry fees at museums and historical sites listed in the program

  • Domestic flights mentioned in the program

  • A contribution to our sustainable development projects

  • Organisation of the trip & local taxes

What is not included

  • International flights

  • International banking fees (PayPal, ...)

  • Travel & repatriation insurance

  • Visas / LOI (if applicable)

  • Alcoholic and soft drinks

  • Personal expenses

  • Personal equipment (sleeping bag, headlight, personal medication, etc)

  • Additional costs due to unexpected personal events (health, loss of luggage, ...)

  • Tips for guide & driver (always optional, always appreciated)

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