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Kel Tor pass

3 Days Horseback Ridding around the Lakes

A short horsetrek of 2 days accross the Kungey Alatoo range

This horseback riding tour is a great for any level of rider and it has been specially created to show contrast between desert like landscapes to lush forest with green rolling hills.

3 DaysFamily toursKyrgyzstan

Starting from


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            Tamchy - Tamchy
One day rest and visit at Tamchy village
Tamchy - Tamchy

The village of Tamchy on the northeast shore of Lake Issyk Kul is the starting point to reach the Chong Kemin Natural Park. You will be welcomed for lunch in one of the guest houses managed by the CBT eco-tourist association of Tamchy. We will take time for a swim, to discover the making of felt mats and to participate in the making of the evening meal. If you leave the next day on foot or on horseback, your guide will explain the program for the next few days.

Lunch Dinner
2 km
0 m
0 m

            Tamchy - Kel-Kogur lake
Drive to the Chinese wall then horseride to the Kel-Kogur lake accross the Kel-Ter pass 3320m.
Tamchy - Kel-Kogur lake

After an early breakfast, you will be transferred to the head of the trial where you will meet your horsemen and your horse.  The first big pass is the Kel-Ter pass at 3320m.  From this pass, you will be able to see the panoramic view of Lake Issyk-kul.  If the weather is nice you will be able to enjoy lunch at the pass and take many pictures of the area.  After lunch, you will be guided on horseback to Kogur Lake in the Chong Kemin National Park.  Once you arrive in the lake you will be able to relax and possibly do a short hike around the lake.Accommodation in tents at 2830m.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
26 km
1500 m
1065 m

            Kel-Kogur lake - Chong Kemin
Horsebackriding day through forest of the Chong Kemin National Park till first villages
Kel-Kogur lake - Chong Kemin

After breakfast, we will load our horse caravan and you will be guided down to the Chong Kemin valley. There will be many small passes that you will cross along the day, pastures and forests, before you will reach the river Chong Kemin. We continue our ride, and approach the first villages of the valley. Once you arrie in the village of Karol Doeboe you will be ablre to enjoy a musical evening with our hosts.

Breakfast Lunch Dinner
25 km
700 m
1600 m

The best tour agency I've ever had. Highly recomended. I am so glad and thankful for choosing Nomad's Land for my Kyrgyz travel experience. They were the only tour that listened to my wishes and tried to implement them all. They literally left not even one desire unfulfilled: The other tours I contacted were unable to provide me with a yurt accommodation in lake Song-Köl. Nomad's Land was on the contrary very ccoperative. Especially once I knew that the yurt camp owners in Song-Köl waited extra for me before leaving, I was very touched. It seemed to me that Nomad's Land has a wide network of contacts in Kyrgyzstan and they have long and solid experience in the country. The people, yurt camps and hotels Nomad's Land work with, are beyond what I call good. They are perfectly chosen. Thank you Bakyt for not leaving even one desire unfulfilled and cheers to the whole team, including the guide Timurlan and the managers Alex and Samuel.

Vernon Nassar

1 week of exploration around Kel-Suu at the top, despite the vagaries of the weather. We can only salute the seriousness and professionalism of the agency. Easy contact, team attentive. In addition to being able to discover a place that is difficult to access for independent hikers - and absolutely superb - we also took a real pleasure in getting into Kyrgyz culture more deeply. A big thank you to our great guide (Fabien) for having been able to motivate us whatever the circumstances, inventing new recipes based on kurut and allowing us to better understand the country. We hope to be able to leave with Nomad’s Land as soon as possible!


On your way

Chong Kemin river KG

The Chong Kemin River (Kyrgyz: Чоң Кемин дарыясы) is a main river in Kemin District of Chuy Province of Kyrgyzstan. It is rising in the Zailiiski range (marking the border beetween Kazakshtan and Kyrgyzstan) and the Kungey range, and is a right tributary of the Chu River in Boom Gorge. The river is protected by status of the National park of Chong Kemin.

It has a length of 116 kilometres with a basin area of 1,890 square kilometres.

The Chong Kemin river rises as an effluent of the Murok Suu, the Sapojnikova, the Mashkovtseva, the Keminski, the West Ak-Suu, Dolon Ata, North Cholpon Ata and others glaciers of the Kungey range.

It receives the water from many rivers like Utsh Bulak river, Tegirmenti Suu, Kashka Suu (Kekoyrok mount), Tshetyndy, Ishke-Suu, Djan-Aryk, Buzulgan-Say, Kaskeleng, Djaya, Bashy-Djaya, Sek-Archa-Bulak, Chong Ak-Say, Kokuy Bulak, Almaty, Tuyuk Almaty, Koel Almaty, Kashka Suu (Zailiiski range), West Ak-Suu, Dolon Ata, North Cholpon Ata, Tertyuktshyu-Koy-Suu, Chong Koy-Suu, Orto-Koy-Suu, Koy-Suu, Djindi-Suu, Utsh-Emshek, Kashka-Suu (Dzore mount), Diure, Koel-Ter, Toru-Aigyr, Shymbulak, Ortokaindy, Cholakaindy, Kalmak-Ashuu and Tar-Suu rivers.

In the bassin of the Chong Kemin river, there are some lakes like Koel Kongur, Djashyl Koel, Djacyl Koel, Almaty, and many small glacier's lakes.

It's a good place for fishing the Amurdaria trout, Issykulski trout and the Chuy Osman.

The river also offer on its lower part a good opportunity to try rafting on a 23 km long from class II to IV, starting a bit lower than the Shabdan village till Djil Aryk village on the shore of the Chuy river. (see our rafting programs).



What is included

  • All transportation in a private vehicle

  • All airport transfers

  • Accommodation as described in the program

  • Meals (3 per day)

  • Bottled water (when possible) & tea

  • English-speaking trekking guide

  • Horses with local saddles

  • Pack horses with saddle bags & horsemen

  • Camping & cooking equipment (tents, mats, gas, stove, etc)

  • All the activities listed in the program

  • Entry fees at national parks and/or border zones listed in the program

  • Entry fees at museums and historical sites listed in the program

  • Domestic flights mentioned in the program

  • A contribution to our sustainable development projects

  • Organisation of the trip & local taxes

What is not included

  • International flights

  • International banking fees (PayPal, ...)

  • Travel & repatriation insurance

  • Visas / LOI (if applicable)

  • Alcoholic and soft drinks

  • Personal expenses

  • Personal equipment (sleeping bag, headlight, personal medication, etc)

  • Additional costs due to unexpected personal events (health, loss of luggage, ...)

  • Tips for guide & driver (always optional, always appreciated)

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