Batken Region Kyrgyzstan

Batken is a clean, big city in the south-west of Kyrgyzstan. In 1934 Batken was formed as the village and the district center of the eponymous district of Batken. Later, it was converted into the administrative center of the Batken region and officially received the status of city. About 23 thousand people live on the territory of the city.

Batken and Batken region itself are known in Kyrgyzstan for their unusual red flower named Aigul. This flower composed many legends. And it blooms on the mountain Aigul-Tash once a year. Also, this part of the country is famous for its juicy, unusually sweet apricots.

In the center of the city there is the Statue of Liberty, whose author is Turgunbai Sadykov. On his initiative in the city appeared Complex "Manas". Batken is a city surrounded by greenery. There grow apricot trees, juniper, elm on the streets. Residents there are smiling and hospitable.



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