Ala-Archa pass

Chuy Region Kyrgyzstan

The Ala Archa National Park is located 40 km south from Bishkek, 22 km as the crow flies. The foundation of the national park took place in 1976, It is a favorite place for nature lovers, for picnic, for climb. Every May 1, there is the climbing festival which aims climb at the top of Komsomolets.

The entrance to the national park is limited, open all year. The road is asphalted 10 km, there is a friendly hotels which is open all year. During the Soviet Union, climbers built a small hut at the altitude 3390m, called the cabin Ratseka. Now this cabin works and hosts climbers. The best-known peaks around the cabin are: The Uchitel at 4530m, the Komsomolets, the Svobodanaya Korea 4740m, The Korona 4860m.

The park area stretches approximately 200 km2., Between 1500m and 4860m. altitude. It is home to wild animals protected by the state Kyrgyz, such as the snow leopard, Marco Polo sheep, the Ibex and other mammals.



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