Kazakhstan is by far the largest of the Central Asian states of the former Soviet Union. It has borders with Russia, China, and the Central Asian countries of Kyrgyzstan, Uzbekistan, and Turkmenistan.

Kazakhstan is the world's ninth biggest country by size, and it is more than twice the size of the other Central Asian states combined. Its lack of significant historical sites and endless featureless steppe have put many off Kazakhstan, while many still are captivated by the emptiness and mystery of this Goliath state. It will be many travellers' first port of call on their Central Asian adventure, and there is much for the intrepid traveller to enjoy. Kazakhstan is the richest country in Central Asia, due to its large oil and natural gas reserves. The country is also the largest landlocked country. (Wikitravel)

Capital: Astana (51°10′N 71°25′E)

Largest city: Almaty

Official languages: 
Kazakh (national)

Ethnic groups:
63.6% Kazakh
23.3% Russian
2.9% Uzbek
2.0% Ukrainian
1.4% Uyghur
1.2% Tatar
1.1% German
4.5% others

Independence from the USSR: 1991

Area: 2,724,900 km2

Population: 17,948,816

Density: 5.94/km2

Currency: Tenge (₸) (KZT)

Time: zoneWest / East(UTC+5 / +6)