Karakul lake

Kara-Kul, Karakul or Qaraqul (Tajik: Қарoкул, black lake) is an endorheic lake in the northern part of the Tajik Pamir. The 380 km2 lake is 3 914 m above sea level, and because of its endoreism, its salinity prevents virtually any form of life from developing except at the mouths of rivers. A peninsula from the south separates the lake into two basins: a shallow basin (13 to 19 m) and a second basin to the west with a depth of up to 238 m. The lake was formed by the impact of a meteorite about 25 million years ago, leaving a huge crater.

Flora and Fauna

The fauna of Tajikistan is diverse. Animals that live here have adapted to the peculiarities of topography and climate.

It is home to the representatives of typical Nordic animal:

  • a bear,
  • a rabbit,
  • a badger,
  • a weasel,
  • a squirrel,
  • a Siberian ibex.

Many Central Asian and Indo-Tibetan kinds:


 Tajikistan has several international airports in Dushanbe, in Kulob, in Khudjand. Dushanbe International Airport (DYU), located in the capital city of Dushanbe is the main airport of Tajikistan. A range of national and international carriers including: Somon Air, Tajik Air, Turkish and Fly Dubay Airlines, Russia Airlines and Astana Airlines. There daily flights between Dushanbé and Khorog.

Customs controls

If you have nothing to say you do not need to fill out customs declaration form .

The following items must be submitted to the statement :


Culinary art of Tajik people was formed for many centuries.

Meat dishes are basically cooked from mutton and goat's flesh. Since Tajiks are Moslems they do not eat pork at all. Very popular is horse meat.

Flat cakes are traditional Tajik bread. They are made from yeast, simple and rich, unleavened as well as fancy pastry. Flat cakes are baked in tandyrs - clay ovens stoked with fire wood.