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Snow Report Kyrgyzstan -

As part of winter tourism development projects, we have implemented a new presentation tool for ski resorts in Kyrgyzstan and avalanche risk prevention.

Stay informed and safe with real-time snow reports and updated information on ski resorts, accommodations, opening hours, prices, ski lift facilities and avalanche risks in Kyrgyzstan.

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Samuel Maret

11 January 2023
Screenshot of Chunkurchak ski base
Nomad's Land

A tool for Kyrgyz ski resorts:

Each resort can now present its offers on a single website. The resort can issue a report every day to indicate the snow conditions but also to indicate which skilifts are in operation. It can also indicate the number of kilometers of open ski slopes.

Screenshot of Ak-Tash Winter yurt camp and backcountry ski base
Nomad's Land

A tool for backcountry ski base and winter yur camp

You can explore the best backcountry spots, mountain refuges, and winter yurt camps in Kyrgyzstan with - the most comprehensive and up-to-date source for winter outdoor enthusiasts. Get real-time snow and weather reports, detailed information on accommodations, and user-generated reviews to plan the ultimate backcountry adventure.

Yurt camps open in winter are often organized by communities based on eco-tourism. This makes it possible to develop tourist activities throughout the year and increase the incomes of the inhabitants living in the remote mountains of Kyrgyzstan.

Snow bulletin at
Nomad's Land

Snow bulletin

With just a few clicks, ski resorts can create a snow report and indicate new snowfall, minimum and maximum snow cover, opening of slopes and facilities.

So be informed on       the snow is here!

Safety avalanche risk report on
Nomad's Land

Avalanche bulletin

Since the fall of the Soviet Union, many mountain weather stations have closed. With great effort, some have resumed their activities. Most of the ski resorts had been built on slopes that don't pose much of an avalanche risk.

But since the development of winter tourism in Kyrgyzstan, it was now useful to create a basic tool for the future development of this area.

Now mountain and ski tour guides can issue avalanche bulletins and share them with everyone. Of course, this does not solve the risk, each guide has the responsibility to establish a survey and a risk assessment before going to the mountains. 

Guides who have access to this application can share more information than visitors to the site. They have access to fresh pics and contacts of other guides and ski resort or yurt camp managers.


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