Partners Excursus Training

Excursus training guides at historical museum of Bishkek

Excursion and Interpreter Guides Union of Kyrgyzstan: Enhancing Training Initiatives

We are excited to announce our collaboration with the Excursion and Interpreter Guides Union of Kyrgyzstan, known as Excursus Training, based in Bishkek. This esteemed union is dedicated to organizing a variety of courses, seminars, trainings, and lectures aimed at enhancing the skills and knowledge of Kyrgyz guides.

Excursus Training addresses the gaps in traditional guide training programs. Their comprehensive approach includes practical training in guiding visitors through museums, as well as in-depth instruction on leading hiking tours and managing mountain-related risks.

Our collaboration involves participating in these enriching programs, where we not only learn the nuances of guiding in various settings but also gain valuable insights into the cultural and historical aspects of Kyrgyzstan. To further extend our learning and share knowledge, we actively engage with their community by viewing educational films and disseminating fascinating information about Kyrgyz culture and history on our Facebook page.

Through this partnership, we aim to elevate the standards of guiding services and ensure that every visitor experiences the best of what Kyrgyzstan has to offer.