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Tash Doeboe (Song Kul)

Tash Doeboe (Song Kul)

Naryn RegionKyrgyzstan • 3090 m

Every year at this place nomads spend the holidays. And in the south-east coast, between the hollows Kum-Bel (Sandy Pass) and Tepshi (Basin) are ancient stones.

According to the Historical Museum of Ak-Talin region, there are 9 homes, each of which consists of eight stones, they extend from north to south. The diameter of each chamber is 335-366 cm, the length of the stone reaches 91,3-152,4 cm, the distance between the centers of 11-44 meters.

"These archaeological sites called 'Hearth of Manas', are built of stones and post for tying his horse Akkulov. These monuments are found in the Altai and Tenir Too. Tradition says that the Manas, going to war for a just cause, and trained to speak in this valley with its 40 soldiers " 

M. Apilov

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