Bugu ene

The zoo is managed by the Bugu-Enye Public Foundation
Bugu-Enye Public Foundation

KarakolKyrgyzstan • 1770 m

Karakol Zoological Park was founded in 1987. It is the only zoo in Kyrgyzstan. But after the collapse of the Soviet Union, the country's economy was severely eroded and in 2001 the zoo almost closed. Fortunately, partners and sponsors have been able to preserve the wildlife and keep the parks in relatively good condition.

Managed by NABU from 2003 to 2013, it is today managed by the Bugu-Enye Foundation. The aim of this park is not to increase the variety of animals, but to collect wild animals in difficulty.

The Bugu-Ene Foundation is a Kyrgyz non-governmental organization with its charter and its founders. The main subject of activity is the unification of the efforts of all interested parties in the organization of assistance in the implementation of specific actions for the conservation, respect, study and preservation of fauna and flora The activity of the “Bugu-Ene” Foundation is carried out in close cooperation with the Kyrgyz National Agency for the Protection of the Environment and Forests, the State Inspectorate for Ecology and the services veterinarians of the Kyrgyz Republic, as well as with the police.

The main objectives of the Fund:

- Help save injured animals and birds that can no longer survive in the wild.

- Help wild animals caught in extreme situations, as well as protect wild animals and birds from poaching and unauthorized capture.

- Implementation of educational activities: conferences, animation of training seminars, conferences.

- Conduct special events and media campaigns aimed at raising public awareness of the responsible attitude towards animals.

- Guard of the Bugu-Ene zoo in Karakol

The work of the Fund also extends to the preservation of the unique flora of the Republic, the restoration of forests and respect for them, as well as the search for solutions to many other tasks of wildlife preservation .

The collection of the Bugu-Ene zoo includes 34 species of animals and birds, or around 140 individuals. Animal feeding is carried out in accordance with a scientifically based diet, based on the methods developed at the Moscow Zoo.

Why should you visit this zoo?

Nomad's Land encourages its travelers to visit this park because the park entrances are one of the most important revenues for the self-financing of the Foundation. This park is unique in Kyrgyzstan, its closure would be a disaster for the preservation of wildlife in Kyrgyzstan.

The Bugu Enye Public Foundation reminds all those who want to help save wild animals their bank details:

Optima Bank OJSC

BIC 109018


Account number 1091820239920161 (multicurrency)

TIN: 02806201310246

OKPO code: 27648901

Social Fund registration number 201-01-02-502


Money can be transferred to Elsom - 0553634238.