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Kosh-Moynok (Kitshik-Alay)

Kichi Alay
Nomad's Land

Osh RegionKyrgyzstan • 2890 m

A nice campsite in the serene beauty of Kosh-Moynok, a hidden gem nestled in Kyrgyzstan's Kitchik-Alay valley - Surrounded by juniper forests, it's a summer pasture for nomadic herders and a haven for outdoor enthusiasts with its towering peaks, including Kosh-Moynok mountain, higher than 4930 meters, in the heart of the Pamir range. 

On the south west side of our camp the Ming Teke peak stands like a gendarme above our heads, and culminates at 4114 m., the name means the thousand goats in Kyrgyz language.

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