Instruction for tourists in Kazakhstan

Laws and customs
You must comply with local laws.

Identity checks
Identity checks are common, and police arrest visitors who do not have identification documents on them. Always carry a photo ID with you as well as a certified copy of your visa and registration.

Store your passport and visa in a safe place.
Leave a photocopy of your travel documents with a loved one.
Keep a digital copy of your ID and travel documents.

Car driving
You must have an international driving license.

Illegal and regulated activities
A zero tolerance policy applies to drinking and driving.
Possession, use and trafficking of narcotic drugs are punishable by prison terms and heavy fines.
The importation of prescription drugs is restricted.

Visitors who photograph military installations and government buildings face penalties. Before taking pictures, get permission from local authorities.

Kazakhstan is a secular state, but the practices and beliefs of Islam are widespread there. It is in the rural areas that they are most faithfully respected. Dress and behave with common sense and discretion, and respect religious and social traditions so as not to offend the locals.

LGBTQ2 travelers
Although Kazakhstan's laws do not prohibit same-sex sexual acts, homosexuality is not socially accepted.

LGBTQ2 travelers should carefully consider the risks of traveling to Kazakhstan.

The currency is the tenge (KZT).

Generally, you have to pay in cash. It is illegal to use a foreign currency for financial transactions.

Travelers' checks are rarely accepted outside of large hotels with international clients. Credit cards are accepted almost everywhere in urban areas. Euros and US dollars can be changed at approved exchange offices. All US banknotes must have been issued after 1995 and be in good condition. When you cross the border, you must declare any cash over US $ 3,000.

There are many ATMs in Almaty and Nur-Sultan, and there are more and more of them in urban centers across the country. Only certain ATMs accept debit cards that use the Plus system.

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