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Altyn Emel

Part of the National park of Altyn Emel

Altyn Emel National Park is the largest and most famous nature conservation area in Kazakhstan, where the famous Singing Barkhan, the majestic Sak kurgans and the picturesque mountains of Aktau and Katutau are located. The park covers 523053 hectares and is located in the valley of the Ili River, 300 km away from the city of Almaty. Altyn Emel lies in the desert and mountain zones, where 1,800 species of plants grow. Within the park there are 78 species of mammals and 260 species of birds. On the spacious plains and mountain slopes gazelles, kulans and argali feel great. Apart from that, the park staff is doing a lot of work to weigh the endangered species like the Przhevalsky horse. Also in the national park there are radon sources.

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