Turkestan, Kazakhstan
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Southern Kazakhstan β€’ Kazakhstan β€’ 230 m

The city of Turkestan is not just a historical heritage, it is a living witness to the grandeur and beauty of ancient Central Asia. Located among the arid steppes of the extreme south of Kazakhstan, it is a place where every stone, every corner is imbued with the spirit of ancient times.

The first ancient settlement on the territory of modern Turkestan appeared in the early VI century BC. Over time, the city became one of the most important centers of culture, religion and trade in the region, attracting travelers and pilgrims with its shrines and history.

Today Turkestan with its 1500 years of history is one of the most important pilgrimage centers in Central Asia. It is home to such historical landmarks as the mausoleum of Khoja Ahmed Yassawi, a majestic structure that has become a symbol of spirituality and wisdom.

However, Turkestan is not only a place for pilgrimage, but also an amazing city, where every corner is filled with the atmosphere of history and traditions. Narrow streets, old houses, market squares - here every stone tells its own story, like a page of a great book of the past.

Turkestan is a place where time stops to give you an opportunity to meet the spirit of antiquity and get imbued with its beauty and wisdom. It is a place that invites everyone who wishes to walk its streets, feel its atmosphere and learn its secrets.