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Expedition 41 Rollout

Since its foundation by the kingdom of Kokand in 1820 and until its capture by the Russian troops in 1852, the fort was called Ak-Mechet (Ak-Meshit). Thus, the Count Vassili Perovski and General of the cavalry of Emperor Alexander II, took control of the southern borders of the Empire and dominated the khanate of Kokand. Fort Perovski takes its name in 1862, then Perovski city until 1925, when it will be named Kyzylorda (Kyzyl Orda in Kazakh means the red capital).

Kyzylorda today has nearly 300,000 inhabitants. You can visit the regional music theater and the theater named after N. Bekezhanova, the local history museum, the city's culture house named after Askar Tokmagambetov, the Saint Kazan church built in 1896 , the "Akmeshit" and Aitbay mosques built in 1878.

The monuments of interest are dedicated to Zhalantos Bahadir (Emir of Samarkand), the batyr of Koblandy, the batyr of Bukharbai, Batyrkhan Shukenov and Korkyt-Ata.

You can still see the railway station built in 1905 and the dam in 1956.

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